Don’t underestimate chance

I have always been an overthinker and an intense planner. There was a point where I would plan everything to the minute. I thought by doing this; I was being productive, proactive, and efficient. 

One day, I figured out that planning was detrimental to my days, vacations, and ultimately my life. When you over plan, you eliminate the element of chance. I have learned how strong chance can be for your life and how it can blossom into something bigger and even more beautiful.

I found this to be true when I went on a trip to the United Kingdom. I have always been an intense planner when I have traveled. As a photographer, I would plan when to go out to shoot, the times, the locations, and I would constantly check the weather. I would plan where I would eat, who I would see, and what activities I would do. But, this trip was different, and it turned out to be a crucial life lesson for me as an overthinker. I got my ticket only one week before I was going to leave. This was the first spontaneous trip I had done. I also went alone, which was the first time I traveled alone. This trip was full of firsts for me, which was honestly a little scary at first. 

Now, I have no idea why I did not plan anything. I am unsure if it was because I had no one with me, and everything I did was entirely up to me? But, I did not plan a single thing besides my hotel in London. But everything else was random. I would wake up in the morning and walk in one direction. I would get breakfast at a new restaurant every day. I have no clue how I even chose the restaurants. I guess I just stopped when I got hungry. When I would feel like I wanted something new, I would hop on a train and get off randomly and explore that area I got off on. Some days, I would want to go further than London, so I would go to the train station and ask the workers where a good day trip is. They told me to go to Brighton Beach and Bath. So I went to Brighton. When I got there, I decided I wanted to stay a little bit longer than a day, so I got a hotel for a night. The sunset was fantastic that night. The next day, I noticed Bath was on the way back, so I stopped there and stayed there overnight. Nothing got in the form of what I wanted to do on that trip.

I loved not having a plan because nothing dictated what I did. The weather did not stop me. The distance did not stop me, and because of not planning where I went, what the weather was, and where I would take photos and eat, I could discover things I wouldn’t have found if I had a plan. I won’t have had new restaurants if I have done research beforehand. 

I felt calm on this trip. There was no pressure as if my plan was interrupted by the weather, long wait times, and long rips. Everything that happened on that trip just happened. 

Without taking risks and breaking your plan, you won’t experience chance. Sometimes the best things happen when they are unplanned or unexpected.

Enjoy some of the photos from this trip. They are both taken from my film cameras and digital cameras.

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