An unexpected journey

If you do nothing today, tomorrow will be exactly the same.

I am not sure where I heard this, but I was compelled to write it down. I did a lot of reflecting on this statement and what it means to me. One thing that keeps coming to mind is the perpetual habits that we can easily fall into. Especially in today’s society with the typical 9-5 job, it is very easy to fall into doing the same thing every single day.

After writing down these words, I want to make it my goal never to do nothing. I know it sounds funny. But when I have a couple of minutes, an hour, or a long period of no plans, I quickly see myself aimlessly scrolling social media. In my opinion, that is the equivalent of me doing nothing.

Today was good, and I saw a gap in my day. It ended pretty early, and work was prolonged. As a photographer, I always think when I do nothing to go shoot. Yet, I always talk myself out of it. I am not sure if it is because I need to drive somewhere, use effort. Although, after reading this, I don’t want to do nothing. I want to occupy my brain and be productive.

So from this point on, when I am questioning whether or not to do something, my only rule is to do it.

And that is what I did today. It was beautiful out. I was tired though, I did not want to drive, but I wanted to take some photos. So instead of doing nothing, I went out and drove east for a little bit.

I can tell you that if you do something instead of nothing, you will have no regrets and feel fulfilled.

Here are some photos from today.

Tattoo shop in Carnation, WA
Orange car in Carnation, WA.
Bridge in Carnation, WA
Local shop in Carnation, WA
Cascade mountains and bridge from Carnation, WA
Spring time house in Carnation, WA

3 thoughts on “An unexpected journey

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  1. Also don’t forget that there’s a healthy version of “doing nothing” when you are literally doing nothing – just being still, and letting your mind and body settle. We need breaks from the stimuli sometimes…

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  2. For sure! Totally agree with this. I think there needs to be a healthy mix of both. I find that Lately my version of “doing nothing”
    Is scrolling social media, which ends up making me more tired and not energized.

    It is definitely a goal of mine to be able to truly do nothing and silence my mind.

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