Embrace change

I have lived in the same place for 25 years. I have been feeling in need of some change for awhile now. I feel as in order to grow and evolve as human beings we need some sort of change. For me that is finally moving to a different city.

Though I have never done it before, the idea of moving feels right to me. It feels like it will give me a fresh start, a new perspective. It can give me the opportunity to see new places, try new foods, be in a different climate, and adapt to new challenges. This is what I need in my life right now.

Don’t get me wrong, Washington is amazing, I love the water, the mountains and the fact you get every season. Even though, I love it and this is my home, I still crave change.

Sunrise at Rattlesnake Lake
Sunrise at Rattlesnake Lake
North Bend, Washington
Alki Beach at Blue Hour
Blue hour at Alki Beach
Seattle, Washington

I am not going to lie, I am pretty scared to move. But my excitement is outweighing my fears.

My Fiance and I go on a lot of little trips to different cities throughout the year. On these trips we have so much fun, they are usually just a long weekend, but we are always sad when we need to go home.

Ever since we started doing these trips, it is all we have wanted, to move, to start fresh, to learn new things in a new place, to meet new people and to just grow. I am very thankful I have found a partner who is as interested in growing, trying new things and seeing different perspectives. It gives me a sense of security when going on this journey with her.

So far the planning proccess has been really fun, but also stressful. We are selling a lot of our stuff, and paln on using the money to send the belongings we want to keep.

Photo at Calder’s Flamingo
Calder’s Flamingo
Photo of Chicago Skyline in Black and White
North Avenue Beach Pier

Out of all the places we have been, the one that we love and always bring up and reflect on is Chicago. We love the energy, the people, the architecture and so that is where we are planning on going in just about 5 months. When people find out we are moving there they always ask “Why Chicago?” “Can you handle the cold?” “Why don’t you go somewhere warm?”. To be honest, we are nervous about the winters, and who knows if we can handle the cold? But, who really knows anything like that unless they try. I would be more dissapointed in myself if we turned down change like this because we are nervous about the unknown rather than just going in and trying. It is one of those things that I cannot explain well, besides the fact we just love that city.

We are not moving because of a job, family, or any other reason, we are moving simply because we want to and we feel like it’s the change we need. I think this is why a lot of people get confused why we are moving, because most people move with a more concrete reason. But us, we just want to, and we are happy and excited about it.

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