Sometimes the best days are the days that end up being nothing like how you expected it to go. Typically on any weekday, I would wake up, have my coffee, take my dog out, start work, and then work out. 

This time I woke up, noticed the weather was nicer than I thought, so I had my coffee outside, did some work, worked out, and then looked outside, and it was still beautiful. Usually, on a day in the middle of the week, I would go to a local park to walk my dog, but instead, I wanted to go somewhere that I had not been in a while. So I went to walk by the water. It was one of those days where I had an initial plan, but I threw an audible and did whatever felt right. Days like these are incredible. I feel like I am in control. 

Spring time in the park

Towards the end of my walk, I saw a bench, tied up my dog and sat there for an hour; in that hour, I was thinking about the little things that go on throughout the day that we love, but dont’t consciously think about—waking up and smelling coffee, going out for a walk in a cold but sunny morning, finishing a hard workout, even having a pleasant conversation with the barista at a local coffee shop. This is what I love about taking my camera out on days like these, I find myself taking photos that I wouldn’t usually take, talking to people I wouldn’t normally talk to and going places I wouldn’t usually go.

These are all things that are so little in our day that we don’t think about. But, on days like these, I notice them, and I love them. On days like these, I sleep better, am more patient, energetic, creative, and go on. 

It made me think if we pay attention to these small, usually unnoticeable things and wake up with the assumption that this day could turn into nothing that we imagined, can every day be like this?

Sometimes we forget the little things that we love, and those things we love are clouded by expectations.

Boats on the bay

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